Gift a book to your library

This Holiday gift a Blacklock Book to your library in a loved one’s name with a 15% discount

This holiday season, gift a Blacklock book to your local library in a loved one’s name, with an inscription of your choice, hand written by me—all at a reduced price. We will photograph the inscription, and include it in a card for you to present to your loved one or their family.

Order books for yourself at the same time, and receive 15% off the entire order! Be sure to let us know if your personal shipping address is different than your billing address. Call us if necessary at 218-485-0478.

Here’s How

• Check with your library, making sure they want the book.
Place your order on the web site.
• Enter LibraryGift into the code section to receive your 15% discount.
• Fill in the library’s address in the “ship to” section. We will ship the book directly to the library, with your name as the donor.
• Write out your requested inscription in the comments section. You can request any inscription of 40 words or less.

Here are some samples to get you started:
(remember that this is coming from me, so word it so that makes sense).

“This book is gifted to the [name of library] in celebration of [name of person]’s love of these rivers, with the hope that it will inspire others to help protect them into the future.”

“This book is gifted to the [name of library] in loving memory of [name of person] for whom these rivers were a constant source of joy and inspiration.”

“This book is gifted to the [name of library] from the [name of family] family. We hope the people of [name of community] enjoy these photographs as much as we do.”

Questions? Give us a call at 218-485-0478.